Open Angle Type Is Also Called Chronic Glaucoma, As It Can Occur When Some Family Member Of The Patient Has Had A History Of This Disease.

The risk factors for this condition include near-sightedness, eye injuries, inflammatory eye conditions, diabetes, hypothyroidism, family history, and prolonged use of corticosteroids. Blurring of vision and/or seeing haloes It is possible that some people experience intermittent attacks of angle closure, where the angle does not get closed completely. Basically, it has two different forms. It contains several small blood vessels. At the slightest hint of any of these symptoms, consult a vet as early as possible. It is important to identify the cause of the pain for the appropriate treatment. A special mention about the bilberry, as this is a herb that is in the form of a shrub packed with antioxidant properties. Open angle type is also called chronic glaucoma, as it can occur when some family member of the patient has had a history of this disease. The tea present in tea bags contain stannic acid which assist in swelling reduction.

Visit your doctor and seek his advice. You'll have to get yourself tested at an ophthalmologist, who'll recommend you glass or contact lenses to correct your vision. This helps in keeping the eyes moistened longer, thus preventing, dry, burning, red eyes. Having a high blood pressure may pose harm to your eyes leading to vision impairment. Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that are usually triggered by an increase in the intra ocular pressure inside the eyes. Otherwise, one may have to simple wait for the blood to get absorbed by the eye.